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NAB 2015: David Wells on ARRI’s Skypanel System with

Dave Wells was interviewed by at NAB 2015 for his opinion on the ARRI SkyPanel LED Soft Light.  He felt this was one of the coolest lights at NAB.  With its  very large aperture, these robust lights  [aluminum bodies and simple controls] produce great results when lighting actors as the light wraps beautifully.  You have the ability to adjust the color temperature anywhere between 2800K and 10,000K. You can add many types of diffusion with the front diffusion frame.  The light draws 400 watts and output exceeds a 2K soft light — they are very bright. You can also power the light with batteries.  The SkyPanel promises to be relevant for a  long time.  For more information or to rent the SkyPanel Soft Light visit us at

How Lighting Can Affect Your Perception of Colors #TheDress

As we have recently seen with the explosion of #TheDress, lighting is more than a minuscule detail. The wrong lighting can cause viewers to see different colors such as a blue dress with black lace or a white dress with gold lace.

Light enters your eye through a lens and hits the retina at the back of the eye. Different wavelengths correspond to different colors and fire connections to the visual cortex which tells the brain that you are looking at an image. The rods and cones in our eyes all affect how we see perceive items and colors.

Lighting Affects the Dress
Social Media is buzzing with comments about this optical phenomena. #TheDress.

With the effect of #TheDress situation, this is why choosing a high quality light system to rent for your upcoming production is a must.

Moving Picture offers a variety of digital cinema light rental packages, including ARRI HMI Light kit rentals and Kino Flo lighting rentals. These durable, high-quality lighting kits can help bring studio lighting to on-location productions.

ARRI Light Kit rentals come in versatile combinations with a range of accessories and light rental add-ons – including LED light panel rentals, hybrid / US version light kits, tungsten lighting, daylight HMI kits and more.

If you are interested in renting ARRI light systems for your portable production in Miami, Moving Picture can help. As a leader in the digital cinema production rental industry, we have all of the necessary grip and lighting equipment for a high quality video. Call Moving Picture today at 954-522-1361 to learn more about our ARRI and Kino Flo light rentals.

Production Assistance for Project 10’s “4 Days in April”

Camera Crew Miami provides Camera Support

For Project 10’s Documentary Production “4 Days in April – The Mike Weir Story”

B-Unit DP Justin Lovell shoots B-Roll during the Honda Classic at PGA National Resort and Spa

Camera Crew Miami recently spent three days on-location in Miami, Palm Beach Gardens, and Jupiter for Project 10’s documentary titled “4 Days in April – The Mike Weir Story”. The film is about the Canadian PGA golfer Mike Weir, who started his career with nothing, then came within one putt of winning The Masters in Augusta in 2003. Some amazing material was shot at one of the country’s most beautiful professional golfing venues, the PGA National Resort and Spa during the Honda Classic Tournament. We would like to extend a special thanks to the wonderfully helpful grounds staff at The Dye Preserve in Jupiter, who gave us total access to their facility for all of our production equipment and provided us with several of their Ranger carts to haul our gear around.

DP Vinit Borrison and Gaffer Tony Vagnuolo rehearse dolly moves at The Dye Preserve in Jupiter, FL.

Moving Pictures provided a complete 5-ton grip truck with 575w, 1.2k, and 1.8k ARRI HMIs, a full selection of Kino Flos, Fisher 11 Dolly, and more than 60ft of dolly track. Camera Department received a set a Zeiss CP.2 Compact Primes, a Fujinon 19-90 Cabrio Compact Zoom, and a Canon CN-E 30-300 Cinema Zoom as well as ARRI matte boxes and follow focus and an O’Connor 2575 fluid head for Project 10’s RED Scarlett. “B” Unit used a handheld rig with a Silicon Imaging SI-2K Mini camera system.

Directed by Kevin Foley, Produced by Byron Wong, “A” Unit Director of Photography Vinit Borrison, “B” Unit Director of Photography Justin Lovell, Gaffer Tony Vagnuolo, Camera Assistant Josh Baker, Sound Mixer John Zuleta.

Check out the trailer for “4 Days in April” on