NAB 2015: David Wells on ARRI’s Skypanel System with

Dave Wells was interviewed by at NAB 2015 for his opinion on the ARRI SkyPanel LED Soft Light.  He felt this was one of the coolest lights at NAB.  With its  very large aperture, these robust lights  [aluminum bodies and simple controls] produce great results when lighting actors as the light wraps beautifully.  You have the ability to adjust the color temperature anywhere between 2800K and 10,000K. You can add many types of diffusion with the front diffusion frame.  The light draws 400 watts and output exceeds a 2K soft light — they are very bright. You can also power the light with batteries.  The SkyPanel promises to be relevant for a  long time.  For more information or to rent the SkyPanel Soft Light visit us at