Orsini Studios Uses Camera Crew Miami for Natural Gas Commercial

Camera Crew Miami provides Media Manager for

Orsini Studios production of Connecticut Natural Gas’s commercial, “You Know You Want It”.

Boston-based Orsini Studios recently came to South Florida for their production of “You Know You Want It,” a commercial for Connecticut Natural Gas. Originally a still photographer, Craig Orsini has recently grown into a director/producer/DP and partnered with fellow Bostonians, Element Productions.


With plans to shoot at New Art Studios in Miami, Orsini went to Moving Picture for lighting, grip, camera package, lens package, and HD monitors. To supplement their equipment rental, Camera Crew Miami provided a supporting crew that consisted of a camera assistant, gaffer, media manager / downloader, and production assistant.

While an experienced DSLR shooter, Orsini chose to shoot this spot with the more robust Sony PMW-F3. We coupled our Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 lens set with Orsini’s F3 package to create a film-quality package at a fraction of the price. With the help of his camera assistant, Orsini was able to change lenses quickly to capture exactly what he needed with each individual subject. Recording to Sony 32GB SxS cards, Orsini was also able to rely on our media manager to download and back up footage throughout the day.


Subjects were placed in front of a white backdrop for a clean, studio look. The gaffer worked with Orsini to accomplish the ideal lighting scenario. This was done through the construction of a “book light.” A book light makes use of bounced, diffused light. A lamp is directed onto a reflective surface and effectively bounced through a diffusion material onto the subject. The surface (usually white) is adjoined on one side to the diffusion creating an open “V” shape, like a partially open book standing on its end. In this case, the gaffer bounced a 12000W ARRI Fresnel off of a 12′ x 12′ Ultrabounce and then directed it through a 12′ x 12′ light grid cloth. First the Ultrabounce and 12000W Fresnel were set up to achieve the correct angle and then the light grid was brought in. The result was a very soft, directional light that wrapped around the talent. Additional support included ARRI T2 2000W Fresnels, ARRILITE 2000W Open Face fixtures, Matthews Grip Mombo Combo stands, and and an electrical distribution package.

Directed and Lensed by Craig Orsini, Gaffer Jim Pescrile.