Where to find a Camera Crew in Miami

Florida is opening up for production, and we’re ready with your camera crew.

Our camera crews are PPE equipped in Miami and ready for action. We have one person film crews for home productions as well as COVID-19 solutions for creating content. Or, shoot in our open-air studio in South Florida. We have single operator / DP camera units available in Miami and Fort Lauderdale ready to shoot! We are no strangers to one-man-band camera crews, as we’ve been operating like this for years! If you need gear and your budget is tight, please let us know! We have a crew ready to work for your next production! We are sanitizing cameras and sound gear before drop-offs and providing 24/7 support for technical issues.

DIY: Need to shoot, but don’t need a camera crew?

Self-filming camera packages are also available for rent, plus 24/7 phone support with FaceTime and zoom are at a moment’s notice away. We can provide a crew member who can control cameras from an adjoining room for ‘follow focus,’ camera ‘run and stop,’ zoom control, and monitoring directors feed. Sound also can be operated from remote places using only overhead shotgun mics to avoid close contact with talent.

Social Distancing Friendly Locations

We can conduct location scouting and have a current library of social distancing friendly locations that we have been using for years. Shooting permits are available in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Fort Myers for production! Maintain social distancing with these outdoor interview locations. We can provide fans to keep the talent fresh and comfortable.

Social distancing friendly locations for interviews and exercise videos. 

No need to travel to South Florida for your shoot

If you need a producer on the ground because you do not want to travel on airplanes, we have many seasoned veterans who can conduct vibrant and compelling interviews with our camera crews.

As well, Camera Crew Miami has an open-air studio for camera crews with lots of external airflow for interviews, photography, product shots with lighting and grip in included! Lots of fresh air and the size of the space allows for social distancing.

We are ready to make your production safe and productive with our resources, ideas, and camera crews that can happen anywhere in Florida!