Experience the Difference with our Videographers in Miami

Wisdom and skills only come from experience. After shooting for over 20 years, we’ve learned this and much more. Using these skills,  Moving Picture Crew takes pride in providing clients with seasoned camera crews and videographers in Miami for audio visual productions large and small.  We know that your production is your baby and we want to help make it the best it can be!

Gear is only a “means to an end”… It’s all about the people!

At the end of the day, even though we own just about every popular camera made, we know it’s all about the people and we make sure our cameraman, videographers and crew are sweethearts and fun to work with. Moving Picture will put together the perfect camera crew and team for your video shoot in New York City, Miami, South Florida and the Caribbean.

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With a large, talented workforce, our videographers, camera and crews have a history of working together and it shows. So, forget the traditional, unwieldy all-freelance hodgepodge of people and video equipment– we know our craft and our gear, our people and our locations. Truly, helping our clients succeed is why we’re requested time and again.

Variety and flexibility is key with our Videographers!

We’re available for Corporate Interviews, Multi-camera event production, TV Commercials, Branded content and more. From effective corporate video productions to creative music videos, clever commercials to engaging television shows, Moving Picture has crews with the experience to exceed expectations. For DP’s, camera operators, audio engineers– even aerial cinematography!  Moving Picture Crew is there in a moment’s notice.  Call today: 1-800-800-1361.

  • Available when you need us
    Don’t worry yourself over looking for an available crew. With a five minute phone call, we can introduce you to over 20 experienced videographers and production crews in New York City and Miami.
  • We look out for you. Need some help with your tv production? What about local information? We’ll be there to back you up, give some tips– anything to make your production great. We even carry tape stock, whether you request it or not.
  • Average is 15 years of shooting experience…
    Did you know that our videographers, camera crew and operators are also directors of photography? From big, 35mm film jobs to a variety of video productions, our guys are no strangers to film and video.
  • Call us anytime, 24/7…
    Our crew coordinator and your camera operator are a phone call away– both nights and weekends– so that you’re not alone in facing possible hurdles.
  • We carry insurance so you don’t have to… We’re equipped with workman’s compensation and general liability insurance through our insurance broker, NYC and LA-based Taylor & Taylor..
  • Our lighting packages are state of the art
    We take on competitors with our comprehensive lighting packages, which includes low-heat LED lighting, Kino Flos and HMI’s.