iPhone App Review: Artemis Director’s Viewfinder


Artemis Icon
The Artemis Director’s Viewfinder is a great tool to have in any filmmaker’s toolbox.  Camera Crews Miami wants film directors to know that if utilized to its full potential, Artemis can potentially eliminate the need for a scouting camera package. Artemis comes preloaded with nearly all of the popular camera systems in use today, this includes all the ARRI Alexa versions, all of the RED cameras, Canon DSLR, Broadcast Cameras, pro-sumer camcorders, and of course film cameras from 8mm to 65mm. As for lens selection, Artemis provides a vast selection from Canon, Cooke, Leica, Panavision, RED, and Zeiss.

Artemis main interface with multiple frame lines representing the lenses in your package.

After you have selected your desired camera and lens package (shown at top-left and top-right of your Artemis screen), a shot-framing window is displayed with multiple frame lines. Use the “plus” and “minus” buttons to change the lens selection, click the “full screen” button and Artemis will push in showing you only the framing with the chosen lens.

Artemis, shown “punched in” with your selected framing.

If you’re happy with this framing, tap the camera icon. An image will be saved to the Artemis Image Bank containing the camera and lens selection, lat/long, tilt angle, and sunrise/sunset time for that location. When you finish your scout, go into your Image Bank and select the images you want to export, then save those images to your Camera Roll or email yourself a PDF file with the imagery and META data.

Sample Artemis Camera Roll output with META Data

Just like the bow-wielding Artemis of Greek lore, you’ll be sniping your tech scout photos on your iPhone or iPad with efficiency and accuracy.

Artemis is authored by Chemical Wedding from Los Angeles, CA. Chemical Wedding has also released other apps for the film industry, the Helios Sun Position Calculator and Toland – ASC Cinematography Calculator.

App Store Page: Artemis Director’s Viewfinder
Cost: $29.99