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Where to find a Camera Crew in Miami

Florida is opening up for production, and we’re ready with your camera crew.

Our camera crews are PPE equipped in Miami and ready for action. We have one person film crews for home productions as well as COVID-19 solutions for creating content. Or, shoot in our open-air studio in South Florida. We have single operator / DP camera units available in Miami and Fort Lauderdale ready to shoot! We are no strangers to one-man-band camera crews, as we’ve been operating like this for years! If you need gear and your budget is tight, please let us know! We have a crew ready to work for your next production! We are sanitizing cameras and sound gear before drop-offs and providing 24/7 support for technical issues.

DIY: Need to shoot, but don’t need a camera crew?

Self-filming camera packages are also available for rent, plus 24/7 phone support with FaceTime and zoom are at a moment’s notice away. We can provide a crew member who can control cameras from an adjoining room for ‘follow focus,’ camera ‘run and stop,’ zoom control, and monitoring directors feed. Sound also can be operated from remote places using only overhead shotgun mics to avoid close contact with talent.

Social Distancing Friendly Locations

We can conduct location scouting and have a current library of social distancing friendly locations that we have been using for years. Shooting permits are available in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Fort Myers for production! Maintain social distancing with these outdoor interview locations. We can provide fans to keep the talent fresh and comfortable.

Social distancing friendly locations for interviews and exercise videos. 

No need to travel to South Florida for your shoot

If you need a producer on the ground because you do not want to travel on airplanes, we have many seasoned veterans who can conduct vibrant and compelling interviews with our camera crews.

As well, Camera Crew Miami has an open-air studio for camera crews with lots of external airflow for interviews, photography, product shots with lighting and grip in included! Lots of fresh air and the size of the space allows for social distancing.

We are ready to make your production safe and productive with our resources, ideas, and camera crews that can happen anywhere in Florida!

Spotify & Dunkin’ Donuts Summer Concerts with Lost and Found Films

Ben Wu films the Spotify and Dunkin’ Donuts Miami concert summer 2015 featuring The Mowgli’s

This summer Spotify and Dunkin sponsored a series of pop-up live concerts across the US with emerging artists. Ben Wu, Director at Lost and Found Films, was hired to film the Miami pop-up concert featuring The Mowgli’s on South Beach for use on various media platforms. Moving Picture Rental supplied multiple C300 Camera packages with a variety of Canon EF lenses.

Camera Crew Miami
Lost and Found Films captures the crowd.

Moving Picture Crew provided an Audio Person, Sound Devices 744T 4 channel audio recorder and Sennheiser shotgun microphones as part of the audio package. We also provided a Grip with a 1×1 Lite Panel Astra bi-color LEDS powered via an on board Anton Bauer battery as well as an assortment of run and gun grip support. Ben Wu flattered us by calling 3 weeks later to crew another job. Thanks Ben Wu! Good luck on your up and coming documentary!

Lost and Found Films are documentary filmmakers who also shoot branded content. Their latest documentary, In Transit was an Official Selection at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. Check out their work:

Moving Picture Crew provides a Phantom Flex camera crew and Sound Mixer for Mizuno Golf

Moving Picture Crew was recently hired to provide a camera crew with a Phantom Flex 2K camera package and an ENG Sound Mixer for a commercial and instructional web video series for Mizuno Golf. A production team from Oida Studios traveled from Japan to shoot with PGA Tour golf pro Luke Donald at The Dye Preserve Golf Club in Jupiter, FL. Phantom Tech, Steve Ciffone graced us all with this presence for the camera checkout of the Phantom Flex 2K high-speed camera and Canon 30-300 lens at Moving Picture’s grip, lighting, and camera checkout facility. Moving Picture Crew’s Sound Mixer and B Camera Operator shadowed Luke Donald playing a few holes at the Dye Preserve while providing valuable golfing tips aimed at serious golfers trying to improve their game.

Phantom Tech, Steve Ciffone during the camera checkout at Moving Picture.
Phantom Tech, Steve Ciffone during the camera checkout at Moving Picture.

Moving Picture Crew provides production crew services in South Florida and New York for small corporate shoots all the way up to large commercial productions. Call Moving Picture for your next shoot and experience the difference a local “production partner” can make!

Ten Movies You Never Knew Were Filmed in South Florida

Miami is known for its beautiful beaches and extravagant nightlife, but so many us of overlook how common the city of Miami is featured in movies.

Since Miami’s original appearance in Flying Down to Rio, starting Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in 1933, Miami has been a destination for producers worldwide.

From the signature staple of South Beach to the Miami Police Department, moviegoers can’t get enough of the 305.

Famous Movies Filmed in Miami, Florida
Miami Vice (2006) leading men Collin Ferrell and Jamie Foxx sit down on location at the Opa Locka Executive Airport with Director Michael Mann. Opa Locka Executive airport has long been a production friendly aviation facility and a favorite for South Florida production teams.

Most of us know the notorious movies filmed in Miami; such as: Ace Ventura, Iron Man 3, Something about Mary, Bad Boys, Caddyshack, Scarface, and Miami Vice (both the movie and TV Show). But there are plenty of movies that didn’t receive the kudos they deserved for filming in sunny South Florida.

Ten movies you probably never knew were filmed in South Florida are:

  1. Godfather II
  2. Marley and Me
  3. Any Given Sunday
  4. Blow
  5. 2 Fast 2 Furious
  6. Donnie Brasco
  7. The Birdcage
  8. William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet
  9. Out of Time
  10. Meet The Fockers

With the perfect amount of sunshine, filming in Florida ranks number three for top U.S. locations for camera crews. Miami has been, and will continue to be, one of the most popular locations in the entertainment industry for years to come.

Orsini Studios Uses Camera Crew Miami for Natural Gas Commercial

Camera Crew Miami provides Media Manager for

Orsini Studios production of Connecticut Natural Gas’s commercial, “You Know You Want It”.

Boston-based Orsini Studios recently came to South Florida for their production of “You Know You Want It,” a commercial for Connecticut Natural Gas. Originally a still photographer, Craig Orsini has recently grown into a director/producer/DP and partnered with fellow Bostonians, Element Productions.


With plans to shoot at New Art Studios in Miami, Orsini went to Moving Picture for lighting, grip, camera package, lens package, and HD monitors. To supplement their equipment rental, Camera Crew Miami provided a supporting crew that consisted of a camera assistant, gaffer, media manager / downloader, and production assistant.

While an experienced DSLR shooter, Orsini chose to shoot this spot with the more robust Sony PMW-F3. We coupled our Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 lens set with Orsini’s F3 package to create a film-quality package at a fraction of the price. With the help of his camera assistant, Orsini was able to change lenses quickly to capture exactly what he needed with each individual subject. Recording to Sony 32GB SxS cards, Orsini was also able to rely on our media manager to download and back up footage throughout the day.


Subjects were placed in front of a white backdrop for a clean, studio look. The gaffer worked with Orsini to accomplish the ideal lighting scenario. This was done through the construction of a “book light.” A book light makes use of bounced, diffused light. A lamp is directed onto a reflective surface and effectively bounced through a diffusion material onto the subject. The surface (usually white) is adjoined on one side to the diffusion creating an open “V” shape, like a partially open book standing on its end. In this case, the gaffer bounced a 12000W ARRI Fresnel off of a 12′ x 12′ Ultrabounce and then directed it through a 12′ x 12′ light grid cloth. First the Ultrabounce and 12000W Fresnel were set up to achieve the correct angle and then the light grid was brought in. The result was a very soft, directional light that wrapped around the talent. Additional support included ARRI T2 2000W Fresnels, ARRILITE 2000W Open Face fixtures, Matthews Grip Mombo Combo stands, and and an electrical distribution package.

Directed and Lensed by Craig Orsini, Gaffer Jim Pescrile.

Keep your Crew Productive with “Producteev” Task Management System – For Free!

Lets face it. Producers have a hard job! Managing the details, responsibilities, pickups, and drop-offs for a shoot can get overwhelming at times. Throw a half dozen PAs into the mix, each with different job assignments and expectations, and there are bound to be some mistakes made along the way. At this level, mistakes cost time, money, or both. Every Producer has their own method of managing pre-production and wrap duty madness — some methods are more successful than others. At Camera Crew Miami, we’ve found a great collaborative tool to help organize and distribute information and tasks to team members in the form of Producteev, the social task management solution for teams.

There are many task management solutions on the market, with varying degrees of functionality and complexity. What makes Producteev so attractive is it’s cross platform support, ease of use, and it’s free! The Producteev system can be accessed via a standard web browser, a Mac desktop application, or an iPhone or Android mobile app. All three interfaces are intuitive, easy to use, and informative.


Today’s recent grads have grown up using collaborative tools in their classrooms, something older generations did not have the benefit of experiencing. These tools have developed new ways of organizing information and most have nothing to do with making “hardcopies”. We’ve found that using ‘old school’ methods like relying on printed documents do very little to organize our younger subordinates.

Let’s give you an example of Producteev in action. Assume that another stop for your delivery PA comes up suddenly. In seconds you can enter a new task from your laptop at the Production Office and a real-time notification will pop up on the PA’s iPhone/Android while they’re making stops around town. You could attach a JPG of a map or even a list of the equipment they are supposed to pick up. Upon completion, the PA would simply check off that stop as ‘complete’ on their phone app and the task will show up as complete on your laptop. Confirmation emails can also be sent to all involved parties for each task, stating the task issue time, completion time, and any notes about that task that were entered during the process. This is all great documentation that could be incorporated into a job’s wrap book for future accountability.

Production Assistance for Project 10’s “4 Days in April”

Camera Crew Miami provides Camera Support

For Project 10’s Documentary Production “4 Days in April – The Mike Weir Story”

B-Unit DP Justin Lovell shoots B-Roll during the Honda Classic at PGA National Resort and Spa

Camera Crew Miami recently spent three days on-location in Miami, Palm Beach Gardens, and Jupiter for Project 10’s documentary titled “4 Days in April – The Mike Weir Story”. The film is about the Canadian PGA golfer Mike Weir, who started his career with nothing, then came within one putt of winning The Masters in Augusta in 2003. Some amazing material was shot at one of the country’s most beautiful professional golfing venues, the PGA National Resort and Spa during the Honda Classic Tournament. We would like to extend a special thanks to the wonderfully helpful grounds staff at The Dye Preserve in Jupiter, who gave us total access to their facility for all of our production equipment and provided us with several of their Ranger carts to haul our gear around.

DP Vinit Borrison and Gaffer Tony Vagnuolo rehearse dolly moves at The Dye Preserve in Jupiter, FL.

Moving Pictures provided a complete 5-ton grip truck with 575w, 1.2k, and 1.8k ARRI HMIs, a full selection of Kino Flos, Fisher 11 Dolly, and more than 60ft of dolly track. Camera Department received a set a Zeiss CP.2 Compact Primes, a Fujinon 19-90 Cabrio Compact Zoom, and a Canon CN-E 30-300 Cinema Zoom as well as ARRI matte boxes and follow focus and an O’Connor 2575 fluid head for Project 10’s RED Scarlett. “B” Unit used a handheld rig with a Silicon Imaging SI-2K Mini camera system.

Directed by Kevin Foley, Produced by Byron Wong, “A” Unit Director of Photography Vinit Borrison, “B” Unit Director of Photography Justin Lovell, Gaffer Tony Vagnuolo, Camera Assistant Josh Baker, Sound Mixer John Zuleta.

Check out the trailer for “4 Days in April” on